Redefining the Ceiling Fan Industry: Zabeen Industries' Digital Marketing Journey with Vibely Digital

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Zabeen Industries
Zabeen Industries

It is an honor to introduce Zabeen Industries, a reputable name in ceiling fans’ production, marketing, and after-sales care. They have a strong reputation in the market thanks to their unwavering devotion to their clients.


The elaborate selection of ceiling fan designs that Zabeen Industries offers is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Customers can be sure they will receive the best products because they are BSTI-certified and are also reasonably priced.


Starting up was challenging during the pandemic. In such uncertain times, Zabeen Industries understood that virtual marketing was crucial to creating sustainable business growth. That’s when they reached out to our agency, Vibely Digital. Our team acted promptly by utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools and techniques to create a compelling brand identity and increase customer engagement.


Zabeen Industries overcame numerous obstacles to become more resilient than ever! It’s our great pleasure to be a successful digital marketing partner for Zabeen Ceiling Fans.

Customer challenges

Zabeen Industries faced a tough nut to crack – building a rock-solid brand identity. They were having trouble establishing brand awareness and connecting with the right audience. Gradually, it became more challenging to make an impact and inspire people to take action. 


In short, Zabeen Industries needed to step up its social media marketing strategies to engage with its target audience and earn their trust so that people would feel confident buying ceiling fans online.

Agency solutions

Vibely Digital helped Zabeen Industries stand out by creating a unique, trustworthy brand identity that customers love. Our tactics included posting authentic photos and videos of their top-quality ceiling fans, engaging with their audience through comments and shares, and closely monitoring their online reputation. 


Even during the pandemic, we enabled Jabeen Industries to get online orders and increase sales by posting repetitive and relevant posts on their Facebook page and Instagram.


The promotion, profits, and audience growth at Zabeen Industries have significantly increased since the implementation of this effective marketing strategy in 2020. The company has observed growth in its audience with credibility, further reinforcing its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable brand.


Zabeen Industries has expressed its satisfaction and willingness to continue working with Vibely Digital in the future. The company recognizes the crucial role that Vibely Digital has played in its success and is excited to see what the future holds. With its innovative marketing strategies, Vibely Digital has helped Zabeen Industries achieve its goals and connect with customers on a new level.


Zabeen Industries is a remarkable company known for its commitment to excellence and dedication to customers. It was a privilege for Vibely Digital to accompany them and to be inspired by their pursuit of excellence. Despite facing unprecedented challenges, Zabeen Industries persevered, leveraging virtual marketing to grow its business.


At VibelyDigital, we’re proud to be part of Zabeen Industries’ success story and look forward to supporting them in their future endeavors. 


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The collaboration between Vibely Digital and Khaas Food is a testament to the agency’s commitment to supporting startups with meaningful missions. Vibely Digital’s services are instrumental in helping their clients achieve their goals of increasing sales, conversion, and ROI. Moreover, highlighting their ability to provide greater engagement and build trust with their audience was also accomplished sincerely.


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